Saturday, January 31, 2009

Secrets of Motivational Influence With Others

The ability to motivate people and put them in the mind-set to do the very best job possible and to exceed their beliefs about their abilities – limited or other wise, is key to achieving everything that you want to achieve in business and in life. A person who can effectively deal with people is a person who can accomplish greatness. Below, are the keys to achieving greatness thru other people.

  1. Be nice, friendly, and likable.
  2. Make the other person feel comfortable.
  3. Shake hands, pat people on the back.
  4. Give honest complements freely.
  5. Be patient with other people’s differences.
  6. Listen and never interrupt.
  7. Make eye contact.
  8. Let the other person be the only person in the room when you talk to them.
  9. Be mindful of your body language and facial expressions.
  10. Never talk bad about others.
  11. Show interest in the other person.
  12. Always consider what’s in it for the other person.
  13. Never give insults.
  14. Look for people’s strengths – don’t focus on weaknesses.
  15. Love everyone.
  16. Ask plenty of questions about the other person. People love talking about themselves.
  17. Talk up the person to another person.
  18. Boost people up. Make people feel important and valuable.
  19. Be honest with people and be consistent.
  20. Don’t assume the worst in people.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Professional Managers Needed

Businesses need professional managers who have the knowledge, experience, and special skills needed to grow the business beyond imaginable boundaries.

To run a company from its highest positions, it is not enough to simply pluck a person from the lower ranks based on their individual business unit’s production. How can an associate really be expected to know how to professionally manage an entire business without professional training and an instinctual ability to motivate others to reach beyond their unrealized potential? When that person does very well in his/her position, it’s absolutely wonderful when production from the business unit goes up. Does this however really translate into a person who should manage the business?

A professional manager should understand people and what motivates them to do great work. He/she should have an ability to intelligently supervise the other department managers. A professional manager must be able to understand the business' internal and external environments and develop winning strategies. Areas such as accounting and marketing are keys to successful management - not to mention the ability to drive customer service through the roof. Professional managers understand business tracking systems and they know how to grow the areas that make the business tick. They also know that only with the most efficient time cycles, can a business and its individual units function to their fullest capacity. The best managers can show empathy for individuals. That manager also measures people by their strengths and never judges them solely on their weaknesses. He/she knows how to put the right people on the right jobs and is able to prioritize work effectively based on each task's value. Much of these attributes can and are taught, but many of them are innate - otherwise, they may take years and years to master.

And, many more attributes exist for the professional manager. It is this kind of professional manager that businesses need to grow beyond imaginable boundaries.