Monday, August 23, 2010

Business Management: Don't Be Blinded By Success

I've learned a very valuable lesson this year following 3 back-to-back-to-back record breaking years (hence the name, Record Breaker).  Never be blinded by success.  It can be here today and gone tomorrow - especially in the field of medicine where most times, your biggest competitors are the state and big insurance companies.  Legislation can eat your lunch if you are uninformed and under-prepared.  That's really for another article, at another time.  For now, the lesson is to not be blinded by success.

Success is great.  Celebrate it, but do it again.  We had such huge success over the last 3 years, that it sort of masked some serious problems that needed our attention.  As my office's top manager, this is my responsibility - to not take my eye off the ball.  The first 4 months of this year were very bad.  We had a lot of catching up to do.  Along the way, we realized that we needed some new training and new processes.  We found that what got us here wasn't going to get us where we wanted to go.  We've had to slightly change the way we operate.  We've plugged some of the holes and we're working on plugging the rest.

Success in business deserves celebration today and then a short memory tomorrow.  Always re-assess your current situation and make sure you keep doing what it's going to take to get you where you want to be tomorrow.  Smart competitors will adjust to adapt to their failures and to try to beat you.  The legal environment may find ways to work against you.  Be ready.  Be over-prepared.  KEEP WINNING.  Being a Record Breaker is about on-going success.  It's about breaking through barriers.  It's about never quitting and it's absolutely about BREAKING RECORDS.  So, do what it takes to keep breaking records and DON'T BE BLINDED BY SUCCESS.

Incidentally, because we took the short-term blinders off, we've gotten back on track because that's what happens when you're on top of things.  We are now on pace to have an exceptionally good year and finish strong.  Record Breakers find a way to create success.

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