Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get Hired In Spite of Your Weaknesses

In a recent blog post, Abdus Salam ( points out the importance of being ready for interviewers to ask you about your weaknesses.  He says to be straight-forward and honest.  While I most certainly agree with his point, my response is below.

Great advice. I happen to be responsible for hiring new associates and while weaknesses are important to know about, it's more important to understand that we all have them. If I'm asked about my weaknesses, I'll admit that I need a calendar and task list to be organized, otherwise all bets are off, but I'll also say that with those tools and my other strengths, I'm going to break records. Immediately redirecting to strengths and opportunities is a good way to keep interviewers on-point as to why they would be making a huge mistake not to hire you.

Take a loot at Salam's Better Jobs Advice blog.  It's really good and he makes extremely good points. 

When it comes to getting hired, always, always, always be honest when asked about your weaknesses, but do your best to keep the interviewer focused on your strengths and on the opportunities those are likely to bring to the company.

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